Banner testimonials

"Wellkeeper has saved our bacon on many occasions with alarms that let us get to a site BEFORE we have a spill. In addition, we have paraffin and some of our flow lines go across a river. Wellkeeper allows us to optimize the hot oil treatments, saving cost and avoiding spills. I sleep a lot better since we installed the Wellkeeper system."

Burl Sheppard - Ceja

"We have had remarkable success using Wellkeeper's remote monitoring system. We receive notification of an impending tank overflow before it occurs, enabling our staff to avert the situation. The technology has also helped our field personnel with efficiency. Wellkeeper provides top-of-the-line equipment with responsive, experienced people to support their system."

Deanna Poindexter, District Engineer, Range Resources

"Bass Enterprises Production Company has been using Wellkeeper’s remote monitoring services for over a year with outstanding results. Wellkeeper personnel have been very responsive to our needs and have implemented a reliable solution at a very attractive price/performance point. Though we initially targeted engineering users, our field personnel are increasingly relying on daily monitoring data to prioritize their routes, prevent costly tank overflows, and avoid unnecessary trips to the well site. The system works as advertised.”

Mark Deer, Senior Production Engineer, Permian Basin

“We have been using Wellkeeper’s services for nearly five years and examining the remotely monitored tank levels has become a key part of our daily routine. We now make fewer routine trips to our remote batteries resulting in reduced costs. In fact, we believe we’re paying for the cost of the service with savings on our truck maintenance alone. The Wellkeeper team has consistently delivered on their promises. Their system works and it is very affordable.”

Matt Baker, owner, Baker Operating